Bench scale CuFlo schematic CuFlo is a new electricity storage technology based on the hydrometallurgy of copper.

By 2020 the energy storage market is forecast to grow to $50 billion per year, of which between $2.8 billion [1] and possibly as much as $3.7 billion [2] will be for stationary applications.

CuFlo aims to fill a gap in the renewable energy storage market between the high kWh range of today's battery technologies and the high MWh of pumped-storage hydroelectricity. The CuFlo consortium will bring a cost effective, scalable and sustainable energy storage solution to market by the end of this decade.

CuFlo will work alongside photovoltaics and wind power to make reliable 24/7 renewable energy a cost-effective reality and help to significantly decrease the greenhouse gas emissions of industry.

For more information contact us on info@CuFlo.EU and follow us on Twitter @CuFloEU.

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